Discord Guide

Main Conference Server Link: https://discord.com/invite/mPSzwfTxfE

2. You will then be led to the conference Welcome page. Please follow Stacey's instructions to personalize your account by selecting your pronouns and assigning your "roles" (Presenter, Panel Chair, etc.), and then read our community guidelines.

3. After you've finished reading through the Welcome page, you can go to the check-in desk to confirm your attendance if you are a virtual presenter. (In-person presenters can disregard this step; you will check-in physically on the day of the conference at whichever campus you are attending.) If you wish, you may also introduce yourself under the "Introductions" tab with some basic information about yourself. This tab (along with the coffee chat tab) is designed to help you connect with other virtual participants at the conference. 

4. You may also want to check out the "discussion board" tab that holds panel-specific chats, pre and post conference. Click this tab and look for your panel number to begin chatting!

Next, (see screenshot below) you can begin to toggle through the respective conference channels, located on the left-hand margin of the screen:

The Hybrid Meeting Rooms header includes all of the A/V rooms that you will use to digitally connect to the physical spaces at both the Davis and Albany campuses. When you click on a channel, you will automatically be sent over to that channel and leave any current channels that you may already be in.

The Lobby header is the main hub for connecting with the in-person lobby spaces at UAlbany (HU 354) and UC Davis (Voorhies 126). Join here to see what's going on live and spend passing time in between panels. While you're waiting, you might also check out the "coffee shop" chat above to join any virtual conversations related to the conference that might be going on.

The Keynote Talk header is the virtual space for listening to Claire Donato's in-person talk at the UAlbany campus. Claire will physically be speaking in HU 354 at the Albany campus, so make sure to tune in virtually if you can't make it in-person. There will be about 15 minutes at the end of Claire's talk for the audience to ask questions.

Individual panel sessions are listed by panel title. Please refer to the Schedule to determine which panels you would like to attend and select each panel stream to access it at the correct time. Be sure to take into account ET versus PT time. Please note that moderators may take a few moments to connect to the streams. If you have difficulty connecting to a stream, please utilize the the "tech support" chat on the left-hand margin to contact a technology representative.

*Additional instructions and features that pertain to each tab have been embedded into Discord for your convenience. Please refer to the server itself for all other information!